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Published: Dec-01-2019

It is likely that over the last few years you, as a consumer of health food products, have noticed the growing attention probiotics have been gaining. In Australia alone, the probiotic market grows by millions of dollars per year, according to Australian consumer statistics.


When asked what probiotics are, most people we’ve talked to would say things like “probiotics are good bacteria that make my stomach work better”; and to be frank, that’s a pretty good summary.


Probiotics, by definition, are beneficial bacteria (or yeasts) that are consumed with intention to improve health outcomes through modulation of the immune system. What this means is that probiotic supplementation is intended to optimise immune system function through widespread effects on the human microbiome, which is largely located in the gut.


The Human gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem unique to every individual. It has been shown that genetics play a massive role in which bacteria we each develop, meaning that family members usually share similar bacterial strains and concentrations, but you and your next-door neighbour would likely have completely different microbiomes.


Several factors implicate the health of the human microbiome, including trauma, mental health, antibiotic use, parasites, inflammation and infection. Recent research also shows that dramatic changes in diet, such as restriction of macronutrient quantities (i.e.: diets that are low carb or low fat or low protein) and changes to fiber intake can actually completely diversify an individuals’ natural microbiome.

"What has been seen after long term diet change is that entire strains of bacteria have disappeared and made way for other bacterial strains to colonise – not always to the benefit of the human host. A healthy gut makes for a happy and healthy human. So, naturally, things that change the bacterial environment have been linked to disease, commonly including IBS, depression and anxiety."



The role of probiotics is to provide a stable dose of good, beneficial, bacteria to the human gut, that can act as a stabiliser for the immune system. This hopes to promote healthy immune response and give us the ability to kill bad bugs as they attack and to preserve the good bugs in our system that allow us to thrive; and to eat all the yummy Macro Mike treats we can get our hands on!


So, what makes a probiotic supplement good? Probiotics are important in their own right, but the best supplements also provide Prebiotics and antioxidants to support the actions of the Probiotics themselves. Good News - Gut Doctor contains these three important factors for gut health and it also tastes great (unlike plenty of other gut health options!). The best thing about Gut Doctor is that the delivery of probiotic goodness is enhanced by the fact that you drink the supplement and we recommend you do so, twice daily.


If you have a healthy approach to fitness and eating, yet still can’t figure out the missing puzzle piece in your health journey – consider that maybe probiotic supplementation with Gut Doctor is just that – the missing piece!


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Published: Dec-12-2019