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Banana Strawberry cheezecake
Protein Pancakes

Created by: @cleaneats_breakfasttreats

Use our Premium Almond Plant Protein in the Strawberry Cheezecake flavour to make your own pancakes if you're feeling creative today! Sure you can make our delicious vegan pancakes from our baking mix range, but sometimes it fun to whip up plant based pancakes from scratch. You'll need some fresh strawberries, banana, and maple syrup as the secret healthy ingredients...




Place all ingredients, excpet for strawberries, into a blender and blitz.
Pour into a hot skillet into pancake shapes.
Cook on a medium heat, in a lightly oiled flipping once bubbles appear.
Top with all the goods! Macro Mike Almond Butter, coconut yogurt, and fresh strawberries.

goodies in this recipe!!

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