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Caramel Protein Twix Bars

Created by: @Noashealthyeats

A twist on your favourite classic candy bar, the Caramel Protein Twix Bar combines Peanut Butter Cheezecake Macro Mike Protein Powder with vegan dark chocolate and dates. This sneaky protein-packed snack or dessert is an easy to make vegan recipe, totally gluten free and plant based.





Blend water and dates for the base and add to a bowl with almond meal and protein powder. Mix until a cookie dough consistency is reached (add more water if needed).
Flatten mixture onto lined tray and freeze until firm.
For caramel, blend dates and water then heat over stove adding protein powder. Stir until thickened.
Smooth caramel layer over the base and freeze until set.
Slice into bars (should make around 20 small chocolate bars).
Melt chocolate and drizzle or completely coat the bars.
Keeps in the freezer for months so you always have one handy!

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