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Chocolate Mint
Protein Mousse

Created by: @noashealthyeats

The Halloween Edition of Chocolate Mint is a crowd pleaser... and we bring it out only at the spookiest times of the year like Friday the 13th! If you love a light dessert in the arvo you'll love this minty mousse delicacy using our vegan protein, cacao, and coconut cream. Dig in, like the Chocolate Mint protein these won't last long!


  • 40g / Macro Mike Chocolate Mint Protein+ Powder (this is a limited edition flavour, but you can use any chocolate flavour and add mint extract!)
  • 150ml / Coconut cream, canned
  • 120g / Coconut yoghurt, thick
  • 30g / Natvia sweetener, fine
  • 1tbs / Cacao
  • 1tsp / Vanilla extract


Store coconut cream can in the fridge the night before.
Scoop out coconut cream off the top of the can, leaving the water behind.
In a bowl, add remaining ingredients and whip with an electric whisk or beater until smooth.
Distribute evenly into 4 small ramekins.
Eat straight away or refrigerate for 2+ hours to make thicker.
Top with flaked chocolate, mint leaves and some spooky eyes if its a spooky time of year!

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