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Tofu Almond Butter

Created by: @veggie_nerd

A delicious chocolate omlette stuffed with almond butter tofu cream that you can eat any time of day, it tastes like dessert but you can eat it for breakfast! You'll need Macro Mike Original Almond Butter Powder, chickpea flour, cacao, instant coffee (if you're having for breakfast), and of course soft tofu. Fill it up with warm berries and you've got yourself a vegan protein rich meal!



  • 50g / Chickpea flour
  • 10g / Cacao
  • 1tsp / Baking powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1tsp / Instant coffee, dissolved in hot water
  • 1tsp / Vanilla essence
  • Water, for mixing


  • 150g / Soft tofu
  • 20g / Macro Mike Original Almond Butter Powder
  • 1tbsp / Almond milk
  • Sweetener, optional


Mix chickpea flour, cacao, salt and baking soda until combined.
Add coffee, vanilla and a splash of water and whisk.
Keep adding water until you have a thin batter.
Pour into a non stick pan and flip when bubbles form on the surface.
Cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side.
To make the tofu cream use an electric hand mixer to blend tofu, almond milk and almond butter powder until smooth and creamy.
Spread tofu cream on half the omlette, top with warm berries and fold in half.
Macros for everything pictured Cal 452 ~ P 33 | C 44 | F 12

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