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Spooky Choccy mint
Peanut Butter Cups

Created by: @noashealthyeats

Great for Halloween or Friday the 13th! If you love to be spooked these chocolate mint protein packed peanut butter cups made with coconut cream and coconut yogurt are your new go to. All you need is a few mint leaves and green food colouring to make these come alive...


  • 60-90g / Chocolate, dark vegan
  • 2tbsp / Macro Mike Chocolate Mint Protein+ Powder
  • Coconut oil, optional to help melt chocolate
  • 100ml / Coconut cream
  • 2tbs / Coconut yoghurt
  • 20g / Sweetener
  • 2tbs / Macro Mike Salted Caramel PB+ Peanut Powder
  • Green food colouring


Melt the chocolate, using coconut oil if desired, and stir in chocolate mint protein.
Fill and push up the sides of 4 cupcake moulds, then freeze until hard.
Whisk together coconut cream, coconut yogurt, sweetener, and peanut powder.
Using half the mix, evenly distribute it across the 4 cups, then freeze.
With the remaining mix add a few green food colouring drops, stir and top the cups.
Freeze until solid, and cover with remaining chocolate.
Keep in the freezer until its time to eat, and let them defrost about 5-10 minutes before taking a bite.
Only 139 calorie per cup! What!

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