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Strawberry Jam Donut Crepes

Created by: @raimeeleigh.fitfood

A fresh take on a classic, these tasty breakfast crepes use our Macro Mike Strawberry Jam Donut Protein Powder and Protein Bar combined with white chocolate! A vegan snack or meal for anytime, these crepes can be topped with sugar free strawberry jam and fresh raspberries. Did we mention its gluten free and dairy free?





Whisk together all ingredients for the crepes in a bowl.
Using a 1/4 cup to measure one crepe, scoop mixture onto a crepe pan (or frying pan) and swirl until mixture is spread into a crepe shape.
Continue to do this until your mixture is gone.
Spread the sugar free strawberry jam spread on each crepe and roll it up.
Cut each crepe in half and stack them.
Top crepes with peanut butter drizzle, protein bar, white chocolate and fresh fruit.

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