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Strawberry Sundae
Nice Cream

Created by: @Noashealthyeats

A modern take on the classic strawberry sundae, our Macro Mike Strawberry Nice Cream mixed with some frozen strawberries, almond mylk, and pink pitaya will cool you down when the weather heats up. Top with vegan flaked chocolate and sugar free strawberry syrup to complete the look!


  • 40g / Macro Mike Nice Cream Mix
  • 1cup / Strawberries, frozen
  • 135ml / Almond mylk, more or less depending on desired consistency
  • 1tsp / Pink pitaya powder


  • Sugar free strawberry sauce
  • Vegan flaked chocolate


Blend Nice Cream Mix with frozen strawberries, almond mylk, and pink pitaya powder.
Top with strawberry sauce, stirring it through, then add some flakes of vegan chocolate.

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