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White Chocolate
Cheezecake cups

Created by: @noashealthyeats

Because who doesn't love cups? These delicious bites are going to send you to heaven - and guess what? They're totally vegan and filled with healthy good-for-you ingredients like our low carb protein. Not to mention some naughty but nice treats including vegan white chocolate and dark chococlate chips. Bring on dessert time!



  • 2cups / Rice bubbles
  • 70g / Vegan white chocolate
  • 10g / Coconut, dessicated
  • 1/4cup / Brown rice malt syrup



Before you start, ensure the can of coconut cream/milk spends the night in the fridge.
Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray, or use muffin cases.
In a sauce pan, add vegan white chocolate, coconut and brown rice syrup.
Heat on low stirring with a spatula until combined (be careful not to burn!).
Add in the rice bubbles, and fold into the mix.
Once combined use a spoon to press the mix into the muffin holes to form a cup and refridgerate.
Whisk or beat the cheesecake ingredients together, except the dark chocolate chips, until creamy.
Melt the chocolate chips and pour into cheesecake mix, swirling slightly.
Don't over mix!
Evenly distribute to mixture into the base cups.
Refrigerate for a 2+ hours or freeze, but let them thaw 10 minutes or so before eating.
Top with your favourite Macro Mike PB+ and a cheeky choccy!
160 calories per cup F.7 C.15 P.6.1

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