Cookie Dough Plant Based Protein+ (1kg)


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The best tasting plant based protein in the universe!

Prefer eating the cookie batter before it goes in the oven..?

Always trying to resist licking the spoon (and bowl) after baking..? Then our Cookie Dough flavour will probably tick all the right boxes for you. Sweet with a lingering doughy taste that we cant quite put into words.

For that extra cookie dough try It mixed into your overnight oats.

Let us guess, you’ve always thought plant protein has to taste gritty or sandy with standard underwhelming flavours….Spoiler alert, that’s not the case!

The Macro Mike tri-blend protein sets an all new standard when it comes to plant based protein. Rich and full-bodied flavours in the creamiest of textures, we made sure we researched and tested until we found ratios of peanut, pea and rice protein that blend effortlessly with water and mylk, and is perfect for baking!

One of the most frequent comments we get when people try our protein is “I cant believe that it’s a plant protein!” or “it tastes better than whey!”. We’ve lost count of the amount of times that lifetime whey protein drinkers have told us they’ve been converted to Macro Mike not because they’re vegan or dairy-free but simply because “it just tastes so much better”  

Think we’re talking ourselves up? Check out some of our reviews below!

Trust us when we say, you’ll find it hard to find another other plant protein on the market that compares; 

  • A complete amino acid profile
  • A smooth creamy texture
  • Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Made from 100% whole-food ingredients
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan
  • Low Fodmap
  • Proudly made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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So good!


Struggle really badly with finding anything that doesn’t upset my tummy when buying pre packaged food. This protein is delicious and literally the only protein I’ve ever tried that hasn’t upset my gut. Am going to be making an order for the clean treats for sure

wish i could give it more than 5 stars!

I think I have ordered the cookie dough plan based protein powder about 3 or 4 times, ordering a few others flavours in between but this is the flavour i ALWAYS need to have stocked up in the cupboard. it works SO WELL by itself or even better in any of the macro mike recipes! my personal favourite is in warm oats in the morning! i would recommend it to anyone wanting to try out macro mike for the first time! but be warned, it is addictive!!!

Guilt free Peanut Butter

I crave the taste of Peanut Butter everyday, im glad i can finally treat myself guilt free. It tastes amazing and has great macros. Doesn't have that weird after taste of most protein powders. Love it

Cookie dough protein

Absolutely love this protein powder! Tastes so good and so amazing to use in baking! I will definitely be purchasing this one again

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