Hot Cross Bun Plant Based Protein (1kg Bag)


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You are the chosen BUN!!

Our limited edition flavour of our signature plant based protein, Hot Cross Bun, has landed. We’ve packed a flavour punch into every bag..a little sweet, a little spice and of course every thing nice. If you love everything hot cross bun, this one’s for you. Get in quick, you’ll be cross if you miss out on this epic creation.


In the quest to make the best tasting plant protein in the universe, our team of avid protein connoisseurs have tried and tested every vegan / plant-based protein on the market. After 18 months of product development, our smooth, creamy and delicious protein was born and it’s a gamer changer.

We've successfully formulated a plant protein incomparable to anything else on the market. Forget grainy, gritty, sandy protein shakes. Our revolutionary protein comes in 8 mouth-watering flavours and tastes like nothing you've ever experienced.

100% natural ingredients, packed full of gut nourishing fibre and better still its suitable for those following a low fodmap or ketogenic diet. Made right here on the Gold Coast, Australia we combine the best natural whole food blend to tantalise your taste buds. Love it or it's free with our money back guarantee*.

We recommend consuming 20/40g in the morning, post workout or any time you want to boost your protein intake. Mix our protein into your favourite smoothies, oats, coconut yoghurt or use it as a naturally gluten free, high protein flour for baking. 

Customer Reviews

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Taste of Easter

OMG its Easter all over again with Hot Cross Bun Protein!!
You have done it again Macro Mike...LOVE!!😍

There are no words but MMMMMMMmmmm

These are by far the best, most creamiest, most smoothest vegan protein ever! And the flavours are ON POINT!

Tastes like the real deal!

I’m obsessed with Macro Mike protein and decided to try this flavour for something new, and because I thought it’d be delicious in my morning oats! I was not wrong! This has all the delicious flavours and spices of hot cross buns and is the perfect addition to my morning oats!

Hot Cross Bun Protein

This flavour is to die for, I think I’m addicted and given it was limited addition I’m not sure how I’ll manage when it runs out!

How so vegan?

Honestly why would you go any other vegan protein after trying macro mike... they even make better pancakes. Seems to good to be true. Isn’t. LOVE.

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