At Macro Mike we pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity. We want each customer to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our products and service. If you are still undecided have a look at what our customers have to say.

Thanks to all the gobblers, drizzlers, and greedie piggies who have devoured our products since we launched.


At Macro Mike we pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity. We want each customer to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our products and service. If you are still undecided have a look at what our customers have to say.


Thanks to all the gobblers, drizzlers, and greedie piggies who have devoured our products since we launched.

Holly Murray

Love Love Love all of the Macro mike products! Super easy to make and super delicious! Easy to fit into my diet and feels like I’m cheating but they’re so clean!! The protein sauce is so versatile as well! 10/10

Laura Day

I couldn’t resist getting my hands on some brownies and blondies after all the macro mike food porn photos started appearing on my instagram. I was over the moon when I actually tasted how delicious they are in real life. They hit the spot without making you feel guilty or sick afterwards, thanks for making such a great product! Received my order 2 days after ordering as well, winning!!

Natasha Wakefield

Just received my order (super quickly) and have just baked my first batch of brownies and they are absolutely delicious! Customer service is also outstanding! Can’t wait to eat my way through all the different products. Thanks Mike!

Crystal Reddell

As I’m not the greatest cook I was stoked at how easy it was to make these. My first order was the startup pack and using the tray there was no mess, minimal cleanup and super quick to bake.
I normally struggle with my protein shakes so these are perfect cause I feel like I’m being naughty at the same time, especially with the sauce drizzled all over.

Matt West

What can I say ? Macr0 Mike with a 0! As any normal human being would think trying this product for the first time it’s too good to be true right? Well I did my research… and it defied the odds! Now I leave the hassle free Macr0 Mike to cure my sweet tooth.

Thanks for making my macro’s count Mike!

Kristine Boyce

OMG so good!!! Not sickly sweet, full of flavour, delicious covered with the dark chocolate protein sauce. So easily macro’d into your meal plan. So you can literally have your cake and eat it too with out all the added calories and guilt. Will definitely be trying the blondie’s next and from then on who knows. Great product, fast delivery and just an all round awesome product.

Greta Louise

So many things I love about this company:
1) the products are delicious! As someone who is reverse dieting post comp I can’t believe I can have such amazing brownies fit my macros. 2) They’re Australian! So great to have an Aussie small business smashing it. 3) They’ve been supporting me all through my comp journey.

Rachel Parker

I was a bit sceptical at first to try these out, but I was yet to be amazed. This product is probably literally the easiest thing to make, you just add water and bake it for 12 minutes! What more could you want? And not to mention, the taste is amazing! This product is definitely by far one of my highest rated protein treats I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried many before.

Dylan Ellis

As an advocate for gluten free and dairy free food I couldn’t have come across a better tasting Choc brownie than the one I had at the Brisbane fitness expo. After having a good chat about whats coming in the future i’m very excited to taste test and recommend future products to my clients.

Jocelyn Shield

I’m so happy I discovered Macro Mike! Being lactose intolerant Ive always struggled with finding products that are dairy free plus being health conscious when it comes to carbs, protein and fat. I can finally stop the immeasurable time I spend in the kitchen preparing my own dairy free healthy sweets and leave it all in Macro Mike’s capable hands.

Alexis Adam

They are damn well the best healthy macro friendly brownies I have tried… especially when drizzled in the peanut butter sauce! The texture is dense but very soft and melts in your mouth. The macros are so good I can afford to have a few and I can see these becoming a staple in my household. If you’re looking for a delicious treat that has a healthy ingredient list and great macro profile then look no further! Keep up the amazing work Macr0 Mike!

Stacie Hargrave

Finally got my hands on both the Macro Mike brownies and the strawberry cheesecake blondies, and I think it’s safe to say that they will be what saves my sanity on my next prep! The brownies in particular are delicious, and the macros are so easy to work with that I’ll be able to get a treat in right up until comp day.

Ben Brebner

Macro mike my man, just wanted to say your business is second to none. You’ve made diet life for my missus and I easier then we could’ve ever imagined, can actually eat brownies without getting fat.
Thanks for being an absolute weapon when it comes to creating a genuine Australian product, looking forward to ordering some new filthy brownie flavours.

Scarlett Alexandra

After placing a order and waiting by the front door for these bad boys to arrive, it’s safe to say they are even better than I imagined! I have a massive sweet tooth and I’m also a terrible baker/cook…. not only do the brownies satisfy a sugar craving without feeling sick after, they are also incredibly quick and easy to make! Literally took under 15 minutes from opening the packet, mixing and cooking…. and they are super healthy! Oh and the protein sauce is so good I’ve been eating it by itself

Stacey Bailey

After many weeks stalking mikes instagram posts and drooling over delicious pics I just couldn’t resist , I just had to try these beauties for myself , and being gluten / dairy free and all natural it was a no brainer I simply had to have these in my life , and as I predicted it was love at first taste , they were so unbelievably easy to whip up , super moist and the protein drizzle to top it all off was just to die for.

Jasmine Rose

I’ve tried the brownies and blondies and they are both incredible! So easy to make, tastes amazing, can be topped with literally anything if you’re feeling adventurous or perfect on their own for a snack on the go! I will be using macros mikes products all throughout my prep because they are so macro friendly! I’m in love �

Sonja Perrotta

Well for starters it took less than 24 hours to arrive in my hot little hands. Second, the VALUE of these products is nuts! There’s like 1000 servings of sauce per packet, you could pretty much bathe in the stuff. But Mike got the taste of the sauce & brownies SPOT ON. I feel naughty when I’m eating them, then I go to log it on MFP & I realise I can HAVE 2 PIECES! Macros of the Gods  don’t even hesitate, buy these products pronto!

Roxanne Jeynes

Wow, just wow! Macro Mike’s brownies are a real game changer in the world of protein desserts. You know it’s good and wholesome when you don’t feel the need to stuff your face with the entire packet before feeling remotely full. And the taste is fantastic, especially that dark choc peanut sauce. Who needs sugar, anyway? Zero guilt, 110% enjoyable. Can’t wait to try the strawberry and white choc blondies as well. Thanks Macro Mike!

Lily Robinson

When my Macro Mike order arrived I was so excited! The macros are insane and I almost finished half the batch after they came out the oven. They are super easy to make and I love that they are vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and taste as good if not better than those homemade sugar filled ones your mum used to make.

Lacey Blackman

As a passionate fitness ‘foodie’, let me just say these products are utterly life -changing. The flavour and texture of the brownies is SENSATIONAL – and they taste even more delicious with the chocolate protein sauce!!! I’ll definitely be recommending these products to my family and friends, especially because of how easy it is to prepare and the nutritionally friendly ingredients. #TEAMBROWNIES!!!!

Joel Bushby

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to try these amazing brownies. I almost fell over when I tasted these, they are sensational. I know what I’m going to be ordering for birthdays, treat days, Saturdays, Sundays, errrdays

Lee Stram

I met macr0mike in the gym just a couple of days ago and got chatting about his macro friendly treats and had to try them! I had the chocolate brownies and I’ve got to say they are one of the best brownies I’ve ever tasted and they fitted into my daily macros  win win! Rumour goes the blondies are even better  can not wait to try them, also the easiest brownies I’ve ever made you literally just add water gram for gram on the packet weight

Ryan Sullivan

Macro Mike came to see me for a massage as he’d spent too much time stirring his brownies and blondes. I managed to steal one of his infamous brownies and it’s safe to say they got my seal of approval…. I know I’ll be the first to order when they are officially released

Kim Byrne

The Macro Mike products contain no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives. This means you are getting the absolute highest quality of whole food without all the nasties. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who loves healthy treats, needs a vegan friendly desert or who like me need something to make PREP LIFE that bit more enjoyable.

Nat Liu-Roach

Being from the UK, I don’t usually tend to look further than wholefoods for my products. Being vegan as well, I find it can be harder to get in your protein and balance out macros for maintenance and training. I’ve already placed order #2 and would defo say they’re worth every penny! Please come to the UK SOON!

Erin Corasaniti

Easiest recipe mix to make. Packet to plate in under 15 mins and so tasty!! Macro friendly and so much better for u than a normal brownie, great taste with NO GUILT! Highly recommend

Tavita Karika

Freeeeeeaking amazing!! Double chocolate brownie with the sauce on the top was something my tastebuds only dream of. Will definitely be getting more!!

Annie Ritchie

Tummy friendly!!!!! Along with changing my eating habits to cleaner ways I’ve noticed certain “health foods” do awful things to my body. This is definitely not the case with Macromikes products!

Sophie Cappello

Macro Mike brownies are absolutely amazing. The fact they are comp prep friendly is the icing on top of the brownie! Great taste, quick and easy to make. 10/10

Casey Carmichael

love love love – if you’re looking for a clean treat that looks and tastes wicked hit them up! I made a batch of brownies within 15 minutes of them turning up at my door step