Embracing August with Flavourful Vibes and Community High-Fives: A Macro Mike Recap

Posted on Aug 25, 2023 by Macro Mike

The Macro Mike Team in Burleigh Heads HQ! 

Get ready to turn up the excitement, because August at Macro Mike has been an absolute blast! This vibrant month has seen our plant-based protein take a delicious leap forward with new lip-smacking flavours and a whole lot of community engagement. If you thought staying healthy was all about sacrifice, think again – Macro Mike is here to prove that wholesome living can be a deeeeelicious adventure. So, buckle up as we take you on an EPIC tour of scrumptious highlights and heartwarming endeavours that made this August truly unforgettable for us at Macro Mike!

Delicious Additions to The Macro Shake
Hold onto your taste buds, because we have shaken things up with not one, but two brand-new flavours of our beloved 'The Macro Shake' meal replacement! These aren't just shakes; they're a symphony of nutrients, protein-packed goodness, and flavours that will blow your mind. Picture this: our signature roasted Peanut Protein joining forces with Australian Grown Faba Bean Protein to create a plant-based meal replacement that's not only nourishing but incredibly scrumptious. Introducing our newest flavours Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle and PB Chocolate Banana. These new flavours aren't just about expanding choices; they're a celebration of taste, health, and innovation.

Ambassador Charlotte enjoying our New The Macro Shake flavours!
Ambassador and Online Fitness Coach @charlotteprice97 enjoying our NEW The Macro Shake flavours!

Sample Packs for Flavourful Adventures
We get it – choosing the perfect flavour can be as tough as picking a favourite song. That's why we've unleashed our 'The Macro Shake Sample Pack' and the 'Luxe Almond Protein Sample Pack'. These packs are your passport to a whirlwind tour of our flavours, helping you find your ultimate taste bud match before you commit to a larger size. With these samples, we're turning flavour exploration into an adventure, ensuring that your Macro Mike journey is as personal as it is scrumptious.

Community Connection and Feel-Good Feats
At Macro Mike, we're not just about nutrition; we're about uplifting communities and spreading positive vibes. Throughout August, we immersed ourselves in a vibrant range of local sporting events and community fundraisers such as 'Pedal For Youth Homelessness', 'City2Surf', 'Monash University Vegan Society', 'Bums & Brunch', 'Macquarie University Hockey Club', 'Penrith Racing Supercars Team', 'The Sisterhood GC', 'Indi Active Retreat', 'Choosing YOU', and 'Fit College'. These engagements stand as vibrant reminders that a healthier world is built on the foundation of collective well-being, echoing our belief that positive change starts with us. At Macro Mike, we're not just shaping nutrition; we're actively crafting a healthier, happier world for all.

Pedal for Youth Homelessness Prizes!
Pedal for Youth Homelessness Awards Ceremony receiving our EPIC Hero Box as prizes!

But that's not all – August has brought us the exhilaration of Gold Coast Titans games! As proud major sponsors of the Titans, we've been right there in the action, cheering for the team and soaking up the electrifying atmosphere. If you're at the stadium for a home game, keep an eye out for our Macro Mike team and our spirited mascot and make sure you say hi! And here's the cherry on top: one lucky contender gets the chance to win $500 by taking on our Macro Mike Mascot in an exciting sprint race! It's not just about the game; it's about creating unforgettable moments and bringing people together through the love of sport. 

August has been a rollercoaster of flavours, fun, and community spirit at Macro Mike. With fresh 'Macro Shake' flavours that redefine deliciousness and sample packs that turn taste testing into a delightful journey, we're all about making healthy eating a drool worthy time! Our involvement in community events further cements our commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle that embraces both personal growth and giving back. As we bid farewell to this incredible month, remember that Macro Mike is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle that thrives on taste, health, and shared smiles. Stay tuned, because there's a lot more yumminess and awesomeness coming your way from Macro Mike!