The Game Changer Protein Bar - Box of 12 x 45g Bars


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The Game Changer. 

A bold name, but after you’ve taken your first bite you’ll know why. On the long quest to enter the protein bar market we spent months and months trying and testing each and every single bar out there. At long last we’ve created the best tasting all natural plant based protein bar in the UNIVERSE!

Our humble take on the protein bar packs an impressive 10g complete plant based protein per serving, it’s blended with REAL ingredients like dates and rice malt syrup, we don’t use ANY artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols, fake fibre or words you can’t pronounce and they’re priced at an absolute blooming bargain!! What you can expect is an absolutely delicious high protein, functional snack. We’ve also packed in some healthy fats from coconut so you get a nice hit of MCT’s and they’re bursting with gut nourishing fibre. 

Enough talking it up, we’re going to stop here because let’s be real the proofs in the pudding!!

Grab 12 bars for $45.00 ($3.75 each)

Customer Reviews

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These bars are so good, chuck them in the fridge and they’re perfect in my opinion. The box is also a great price and isn’t going to last me long cause these are soooo yummy!

So good 😋

Being vegan I really struggle to find tasty nutritious food supplements but these are so good. I purchased the variety shakes pack to sample all the different flavours but I really can't choose, they are all so good. I also purchased a pack each of the bars and they are also both delicious but my favourite is the Game changer. Satisfy's my hunger and so tasty 😋

The best protein bar!

One of the best protein bars I’ve ever had. Perfect amount of macros and tastes great! I bought the 12 pack.. they went super quick.. even my partner ate them and enjoyed! I need more!!

Delicious. Feels like a treat.

These are tasty, made with quality ingredients and they fit my macros (and I feel like I’ve had a treat!)

Game Changer Bars

Love these yummy, healthy and very filling bars. I take them to work as an afternoon pick me up when I hit that 2-3pm wall and they instinctly work like a charm!

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