10 Questions with: Hannah Edwards aka Hannah Banana

Posted on Oct 19, 2022 by Macro Mike

We’re bringing you an EPIC series called “10 questions with” so you can get to know the Macro Mike fam! We get personal, get deep and get them to spill the tea on their fave MM goodies, future goals and who inspires them. This week we get to know one of our OG foodie creators - Hannah Banana who we all know for her insane vegan treats!

Name: Hannah Edwards

Insta Handle: @hannahhclare

Location: NSW

1. What makes you....YOU?

I’m not ashamed to be myself. I don’t really care what people think about me and am proud to be different.

2. Take us on your Macro Mike journey, how did you come to be part of the Macro Mike fam? 

I started as a fan of Macro Mike and came onboard as an ambassador at the end of 2019. I only had around 4k followers at the time and Macro Mike had only a select few (amazing) products. It’s been so amazing to be on the team and watching the MM brand grow as well as having them support my account as it grows as well.

3. How do you like to MOVE your body?

I do reformer pilates 4-5 times a week. I also love walking my dog by the beach. I’m a huge fan of gentle movement.

4. What is your FAVE Macro Mike product? Tell us how you enjoy it.

My current favourite product is the Peanut Butter Protein Pudding. I love mixing it with coconut yoghurt and topping it with berries and granola - so yummy!

5. Who INSPIRES you to be your best self?

I get inspired every day from so many different places and people. I love seeing fellow online content creators and seeing people document the ins and outs of their lives. I’m inspired by anyone who is authentic and not afraid to be vulnerable.

6. What are some DROOLWORTHY recipes using Macro Mike goodies that you can’t live without?

I can’t live without my protein peanut butter cups! It's an easy dark chocolate shell filled with peanut butter mixed with Macro Mike protein powder.

7. What are some words you LIVE by??

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” This can be applied in so many different contexts and I think it’s so so accurate.

8. Tell us something about you that you are SUPER proud of? 

I am so proud of building my online profile. I’m so proud of all the effort I’ve put into developing recipes over the years and improving my food photography and growing my following.

9. What is your BEST Macro Mike experience so far??

I LOVED attending Macro Mike’s 3rd birthday party in 2020 and meeting the team in real life!

10. What is a GOAL for you in the future?

I hope to continue building my social media pages and I would love to release my own product/s. I have no clue what product it would be but I love the idea of seeing people purchase something I’ve created.