Which Plant Protein is right for me?

Posted on Aug 18, 2022 by Macro Mike


Protein powder is a great way to boost your daily protein if you struggle to get enough from your diet alone. Our premium range of Plant Based Proteins are packed full of the highest quality, all natural ingredients and are a delicious way to increase your protein intake. Whether you’re looking for something to assist with muscle gain, your performance or just to improve your general health, Protein Powder has many benefits and is a great addition to introduce into your daily routine. We offer an extensive and delicious range of Peanut and Almond Proteins as well as our newest arrival – Plant Protein Water! With so many to choose from, we know it can be hard to decide which Protein is best for you, so let's chat about the options!

Peanut Protein vs Almond Protein: What’s the difference?

Peanut Plant Protein Range

Our famous Peanut Protein range combines a cutting-edge blend of perfectly crafted Peanut, Pea, and Australian Grown Faba Bean Protein to provide a taste experience that is second to none. The Peanut Protein range was formulated to give you a Plant Based Protein that doesn’t taste grainy, sandy, or gritty and is actually delicious! We've taken out the rice protein in all our blends and replaced it with a small amount of Faba Bean Protein. This is super high in protein, has a creamy and rich texture and is very neutral tasting, it's also grown right here in Australia and is 10 x more carbon neutral than whey protein. The main difference between the Peanut Protein and the Almond Protein is the FLAVOUR!

You'll find with all our Peanut Plant Proteins; our first and main ingredient is Peanut Protein which gives them a unique flavour and taste. Think liquid peanut butter with a hint of flavour. If you don't like the flavour of peanut butter, we recommend trying our Premium Almond Protein which has a much more neutral base and is more true to flavour. However, if you’re a peanut-a-holic and LOVE the taste of peanuts, this Protein range is for YOU! 

Premium Almond Plant Protein Range

We know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to have peanuts, so we decided to expand our range so that everyone can enjoy the best tasting Plant Protein in the universe! Our 100% natural Californian Almond Protein and Australian grown Faba Bean Protein blend is silky smooth, full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and are combined with gut-loving Probiotics, B Vitamins and nothing artificial what so ever, it really is unlike anything else on the market!

Almonds are so high in protein, they have been proven to be powerhouses for promoting lean muscle gain, regulating appetite and are naturally great at reducing cholesterol. They contain almost no saturated fat, yet contain a nice amount of healthy fats, plus the fibre content is superior to pea and rice protein. As almonds are a neutral tasting protein source, our Almond Proteins are more true to flavour than our Peanut Plant Protein Range! 

What is Plant Protein Water?

If creamy protein shakes aren’t your thing, our newest addition to the range, Plant Protein Water may just be your new go-to! It’s the ultimate light and refreshing alternative and the easiest way to increase your protein intake while staying hydrated and smashing your daily water goals!

This unique combination of ingredients is a world first and the only of its kind! A plant based solution packed full of goodness with added Vitamins, Essential Amino Acids and Collagen Building Peptides to boost the body's own collagen production. Our gut friendly formula is rich in B Vitamins for energy production and mental focus, Vitamin C to promote a healthy immune system, it is easily digested and optimised for quick absorption and is naturally flavoured and sweetened so your tummy will thank you!

Did we mention it comes in two deliciously hydrating flavours?! Apple Blackcurrant and Pink Lemonade! The perfect way to quench your thirst at any time of the day!

Which one is right for me?

Use this table to help guide your decision on which protein would be best for you!