Posted on May 25, 2022 by Macro Mike

  • serves 14-18 balls
  • prep time 10-15mins
  • cooking time 15mins


70gBiscoff spread
60gMaple Syrup
60gCoconut sugar
50mlAlmond milk
50g Caramelised White Choc protein powder
75gGluten-Free Plain flour
½ TspBaking powder
30gWhite Chocolate
30gWhite Chocolate
70g Coconut yoghurt
40gCaramelised White Choc protein powder
45gJam of choice

Created by: @mainlymonica 

This UNREAL creation is bursting with berry jam and a white choc filling using our Caramelised White Choc Luxe Almond Protein between buttery biscuits infused with Biscoff and drizoooled in a sweet white choc! 



  • protein 10.1g⁠
  • fat 8.9g
  • carbs 38.5g⁠
  • calories 269 made into 7


  1. Preheat oven to 170 and line 1-2 trays with baking paper.⁠
  2. Add the biscoff, syrup, sugar, and almond milk to a medium bowl and whisk until smooth. Add the protein, flour baking powder, and mix again until a soft and slightly sticky dough has formed. Add the chocolate and fold through. Place in the fridge to firm up for 20mins.⁠
  3. Divide the dough into 14-18 balls and place onto the tray/s (being sure to leave a decent amount of space between them).
  4. Press the balls down into desired thickness then place in the oven to bake for 15mins or until golden. Set aside to cool.⁠
  5. To make the filling, add the chocolate to a medium bowl and melt in the microwave in 30 sec increments. add the yoghurt and protein and mix until combined.
  6. Once the cookies have completely cooled, add the filling to a piping bag and pipe around the bottom edge of HALF of the cookies. Add the jam to the middle then pair the cookies up with another cookie WITHOUT filling. Press down to sandwich them together. ⁠
  7. Drizzle with some extra melted white chocolate and enjoy!!⁠