Biscoff Chocolate Crackle

Posted on Oct 18, 2023 by Macro Mike

  • serves 8
  • prep time 15 mins


Chocolate Layer
100gDark Chocolate
3 TbsCoconut Oil
¼ CupMaple Syrup
1 scoop@macr0mike Deluxe Chocolate Almond Protein⁠
½ CupDesiccated Coconut
2 CupsRice Puffs
Biscoff Layer
¼ CupBiscoff Spread
¼ CupRice Puffs



  • protein 5g⁠
  • fat 22g
  • carbs 32g⁠
  • calories 344.6

Created by: @hannahhclare

Get ready to drool! These treats are the perfect combination of sweet, chocolatey, and super crunchy. Plus, they're packed with protein using our Deluxe Chocolate Almond Protein for that extra yum factor!


  1. Add dark chocolate, coconut oil, maple syrup and protein powder to a bowl. Microwave to melt. ⁠

  2. Stir through dedicated coconut and rice puffs until evenly covered and mixed.

  3. Using half the mixture, spoon into muffin cases (I used silicone ones) and put in the fridge to set. ⁠

  4. Make Biscoff layer by melting the Biscoff spread and stirring through rice puffs.

  5. Add Biscoff layer on top of the base and top with the remaining chocolate mixture. ⁠