Cookies & Cream Overnight Oats

Posted on Jul 26, 2023 by Macro Mike

  • serves 1
  • prep time 5-10mins


⅓ cupRolled Oats
1 tbspChia Seeds
40g@macr0mike x @breeelenehan Cookies & Cream Almond Protein⁠
1 tbspCoconut Yoghurt
¼ cupAlmond Milk
1Oreo, crushed
Cream Topping
2-3 tbspCoconut Yoghurt
1 tbsp@macr0mike x @breeelenehan Cookies & Cream Almond Protein⁠

Created by: @hannahhclare

These oats are super easy to make and oh so creamy dreamy! Infused with our MM x @breeelenehan Cookies & Cream Almond Protein these oats are the perfect protein boost to your morning!


  1. Mix base ingredients together and pour into a small ramekin/bowl.⁠
  2. Mix coconut yoghurt and protein powder together and spread over the top of oats. Add crushed Oreo.⁠
  3. Leave in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to set and thicken. ⁠