High Protein Rice Puffs

Posted on Nov 21, 2023 by Macro Mike

  • serves 6
  • prep time 20-25 mins



Bottom Layer
1 ½ CupPuffed Rice
1 ScoopMacro Mike Black Friday Mystery Protein
¼ CupMaple Syrup
⅓ CupSalted Peanut Butter
Chocolate Layer
75gDark Chocolate
10gCoconut Oil

Created by:  @pursuitofhealth

This quick and simple puffed rice protein slice is the perfect snack to whip up when you're in a hurry and craving a tasty treat.


  1. Melt the sweetener and peanut butter in a pan until well combined. Add a pinch of salt if your PB is unsalted.

  2. Pour in the puffed rice and stir

  3. Transfer and press down into a silicon tray

  4. Melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil in the microwave (stirring every 30s)
  5. Pour over the base and place in the freezer to set.
  6. Allow to come to room temp before eating and enjoy!