No Bake Brownies

Posted on Oct 27, 2023 by Macro Mike

  • serves 10
  • prep time 10 mins


1 cupMacro Mike Powdered Almond Butter
¼ tspsalt
¼ cuphemp seeds
½ cupchopped nuts
½ cupmaple syrup
¼ cupcocoa powder
2 tbspcocoa nibs
3 scoopsMacro Mike Choc Hazelnut Almond Protein
2-4 tbspwater



  • protein 10g⁠
  • fat 23g
  • carbs 23g⁠
  • calories 300

Created by:  @ gabbyshaoni⁠

These bad boys are OHH so FUDGY!! Protein boosted with our Choc Hazelnut Almond Protein, making the perfect post workout treat! 


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until well mixed (optional: add in a dash of water if needed depending on your⁠ preferred consistency)⁠

  2. Press the mixture into a lined container and shape it using a spatula.⁠ 

  3. Optionally, dust the top with cocoa powder and cut into 4x4cm squares.⁠

  4. Store your brownies in the fridge or freezer for a delightful treat anytime!⁠